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Monday, December 21, 2009


Another year is a happy gift,
so cut your cake and say
'instead of counting birthdays, I count blessing everyday'


is turned 16th today.
he is such the best accompany, he is the most funniest in the family. he is the most genius, he is the most adorable.

being the third man after abah and abang, he is our most lovely accompanied mahram. knowing our abah, we will never got a permission going to anywhere without a mahram. as our big brother who is never want to accompanying us while at anywhere, this boy is never hesitate to lend his hand. he will be with us as our personal body guard who is very funny, lovely and caring.

still fresh in my mind, back then when he was accompanying me to my ex-fiancee house (who is now my lovely soulmate) along the way from gombak to kajang. we had some birthday party there and ice breaking with the in laws to be. then he slept soundly in the car on our way back to home. eheh, very the funny.

this boy is very excellent in his academic performance, without a need to study like no body business as his big sister (me) did. he was able to achieve good grades, suitable with his competency level who have formal lesson untill the primary school only. luckily, with the 30 juzs of the Holy word of Quran buried in his chest, he is easily adapting to new things and new knowledge. Alhamdulillah.

personally, he is
such the very caring man, have the very sensitive heart which explained his kind heartedness. he is the type of man who can easily make tears for sad ending movie watching or romantic novel reading. he is the kind who love to melepak at his sisters' room and chit chatting also joining them on the gossiping session. ngeee...

Lastly to my boy, Happy Birthday to you. May Allah grants you with more delightful and wonderful life. with more wonderful upbringings, with more and more love and bless for you. I am here are still missing and remembering you as the time past for each second and for each breath I take. Love you more, and missing you much.

Happy Birthday!
Illalliqa' Maassalamah

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