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Monday, November 24, 2008

the same direction

"And when you forget her, don't you dare remember me. what hurts more than losing you, is knowing you're not fighting to keep me, the worst battle is between what you know and how you feel" ...the net

I find something like that when i surf the net. it is something comes to my mind like this; when someone start forgetting, then you stop remembering

(after all please take note; segala action telah dilakukan untuk membaiki keadaan )

boleh ke buat begitu? kerana saya percaya begini;

jadi saya rasa, dalam perhubungan itu regardless of any relationship either it is friendship, partnership, etc...if they are not looking in same direction so that's the end laa..we can fight, we can gadoh2 but it is merely for the sake of both part...(jadi tak mengapalah)
why we have to stay in that relation if hati dah berbelah bagi...tiada lagi rasa kesatuan untuk arah dan matlamat yang sama...that is why in a ship cannot be lead by two navies, so then it will go into 2 different direction...but in our ship, there is two navies, but they are looking in the same direction...

that is our true friendship, our true partnership, our true loving ship, our true marriage ship...

ya, looking in together in the same direction. if it is the opposite, so what the love means then?
for sure, he and i is looking together in same direction, we love each other forever than ever...

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