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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Love knows its depth till
the hours of separation

Finally he is going.Went out for a course for 20 days. a friend ever ask, how would you do when you both are apart? i will do something. that somethings are:

  • giving him a call always and always to say how i luv and miss him.to make me feel nearer to him and he will be impatiently to come home (*sadly, this time it cant be..it is because, the phone is kept n be given on the weekend only*)
  • i'll be at my parent's home. i don't want to stay where we are always be together...rasa seakan bayangan dia ada dimana2 dan air mata saya akan gugur serta merta
  • will do all good things (*such went out for shopping, watching etc with freinds or whom around me*) so that i can feel how fast the time pass
dan selalunye for the 1st or 2nd day he left me, i'll be in "weng" state n im very don't like this.so friends, lets cheer me bleh?

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